OGS Organic Gut Solution Canine

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Organic Gut Solution is a unique combination of ingredients to natural establish a healthy intestinal balance. OGS is an easy to use powder, which binds harmful toxins to itself and and excretes as waste. Our dogs, like us, are surrounded by contaminants in our air, water and food. The intestines are also the primary producer of serotonin, which is important for stable behavior.

Organic Gut Solution helps supports a strong immune system which helps to revitalize and detoxify your pet. A reduction in toxins means that the digestive system can work at its optimum and experience relief of unwanted systems.

OGS can be fed to all dog species from puppy through adulthood.

  • Relieve Digestive Issues

  • Normalize Stool

  • Soothe Skin

  • Reduce Anxiety

  • Minimize Food Allergies

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