100890 Seminole Equalizer 40#. 32/5/5

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Seminole Equalizer™ is a grain-free concentrated form of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals formulated to support the performance of the elite equine athlete.  Ideal for any age of horse, in any sport, to support ideal muscle and topline development and faster recovery. Seminole Equalizer™ is a flexible nutritional boost to your horse’s diet when fed with forage as the sole ration, used as a mixer to balance oats or supplement grain mixes. The ultra-low 7% NSC and low feeding rate make Seminole Equalizer™ the top recommendation for hardy, easy keeping horses, those with carbohydrate sensitivity or metabolic disorders. A superior product and economical way to enhance your horse’s nutritional program, Seminole Equalizer™ is the complete complement to your custom feeding program.

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