Cyper Wsp

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Cyper WP comes in water-soluble packets for mixing convenience. It comes in envelopes (4 packets in each envelope). Cyper WSP compares to the popular Demon WP envelopes, with the same active ingredient,

Cyper WSP achieves a quick knockdown and long-lasting control of 30 nuisance pest.


  • Each envelope has 4 water-soluble packets
  • Each one lb pail has 49 water-soluble packets
  • Quick Knockdown, long lasting residual (3 months)
  • Controls Spiders, Cockroaches, Ants, Carpenter Ants, and others listed.
  • Packets are easy to mix.
  • Compare to Demon WP's cypermethrin 40.0% envelopes.

40.0% Cypermethrin.

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