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Daily Red is a loose mineral sea salt that provides a full complement of all major trace minerals, plus key vitamins, to improve and maintain the health, appearance and vitality of your horse.
• Daily Red contains a blend of 63 naturally-occurring trace minerals and electrolytes to support hydration and a healthy coat and hooves.
• A boosted mineral formula, including zinc, manganese, copper, iodine, selenium and cobalt, to enhance antioxidant function, improve digestion, energy, and support muscle, tissue and joint health.
• Added vitamins A, D and E to support vision and encourage a robust immune system, reproduction, strong bones and joints, and healthy nerve and muscle function.
What horses will benefit from Daily Red?
Daily Red is particularly well-suited for horses needing a nutritional leg up, such as:
• Stall-bound horses with minimal sun exposure and turnout time, and which are limited to feeds brought to them.
• Hard-working horses and equine athletes which sweat a lot and are susceptible to mineral loss and joint damage.
• Neglected or nutritionally depleted horses.
• Pregnant mares.
• Growing foals.

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