Orvus Paste Soap 7.5lbs

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A near-neutral pH, synthetic surfactant and wetting agent with excellent detergency, emulsifying and dispersing properties. Effective in a wide range of cleaning tasks, such as cleaning rugs and upholstery and hand washing delicate fabrics.
Also, get your horses squeaky clean with Orvus Paste Soap. Just lather them up and rinse them off. It works equally well in hot or cold water and will even clean those stubborn manure stains that are such a problem. 

    • A neutral synthetic shampoo and detergent
    • Outstanding wetting, penetrating, sudsing, and emulsifying properties
    • Soluble in hot or cold water
    • Great on manure stains
    • Also used for washing fine fabrics
    • Contains no phosphorus, so it will not fade fabrics
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